IMPROVology (formerly ZOOs Line is it Anyway?) is a live, family-friendly mashup of science and comedy. Mix comedians with animal experts, add cool stories about fascinating critters, and everyone ends up happy as clams. It’s “Whose Line is it Anyway?” meets a “TED Talk,” where world-class comedians pros go ape and monkey around, but no one gets thrown to the lions. We hope.

Young Aussie

What was it like to be a young female vet starting her career in Australia? See our vet, Dr. Julie Barnes, share her adventures from the Outback. Then, improvisational comedians Brian Lohmann & Stephen Kearin team up with Konrad “Keyboards” Kono to turn them into an epic-musical.

The Amazing Lifecycle of the Sacculina Parasite

Attention all Zombie Lovers! In this clip, UCSB Parasitologist Sara Weinstein tells a Halloween-worthy story about the bizarre lifecycle of the sacculina parasite that turns hosts into zombie nannies. Then, improvisational comedians, Jo McGinley and Stephen Kearin bring it to life as a hilarious Twilight Zone episode from 1957.

Vet Clinic

Ever wonder what a typical day is like in the SB Zoo vet clinic? Watch improvisational comedians, Jo McGinley, Brian Lohmann and Stephen Kearin, act out the day guided through the day by zoo vet Dr. Julia Barnes. Dr. Barnes isn’t allowed to talk however … how’s this going to work out?


Parasitologist Sarah Weinstein tells about her adventures working at night on Coal Oil point with raccoons, rats, and even skunks. Can improvisational comedian Stephen Kearin recreate the stories on stage – even after being kept in a sound-proof booth?