• LIVE SHOW! Two parasite tribes battle to the death to win the coveted reward: a snail’s private parts. May the gonads be ever in your favor. (Parental Advisory)

  • When it comes to the most powerful mammal on land, veterinarian Dr. Mark Stetter has a very steady hand…and a very innovative approach to wild African elephant conservation. (Parental Advisory)

  • Why does this orphanage have armed guards? Do rhino calves have nightmares? How do you give CPR to a rhino calf?

  • Jellyfish expert Nate Jaros joins our IMPROVology players, Michael McShane and Brian Lohmann, for a live show in which Nate talks about some of his more interesting interactions with jellies.

  • Dr. Anthony Giordano joins our IMPROVology players, Michael McShane and Brian Lohmann, live on stage for this hilarious short segment about an animal few people have heard of or seen.

  • What happens when a lonely male gorilla meets a female gorilla for the first time in 27 years?

  • LIVE SHOW! A creature too lazy to raise its own babies creates a zombie nanny parent substitute. Parasitologist Sara Weinstein tells the story of the sacculina parasite, puppet master of the animal kingdom.

  • When you’re playing the game of love, it’s hard to wing it. Barbara Heidenreich, one of the world’s premier animal trainers, flies to New Zealand to aid a lovelorn Kakapo parrot. Parental advisory.

  • What secrets does the world’s cutest apex predator hold? Tim Coonan talks about the mysterious disappearance of the island fox and its remarkable comeback.