About Zoo Radio

Zoological Radio is a production of the Santa Barbara Zoo and other people who are really, really into animals. Our wild and crazy team really puts the “ham” in radio.

Zoo Radio Staff

Dr. Estelle Sandhaus
Director of Conservation and Research, Santa Barbara Zoo
An alumna of Georgia Tech, Dr. Estelle Sandhaus conducted her MS research at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China and her PhD research on nesting California condors in the southern California backcountry. Estelle oversees the Santa Barbara Zoo’s field conservation programs and collections research, and her favorite animals to work with in the wild are the California condor, island fox, California red-legged frog, and southern sea otter.

John Sepulvado
Show Host, Zoo Radio
John Sepulvado is a veteran journalist who is now focused on environmental renewal and conservation. Prior to hosting Zoo Radio, he was the morning host of The California Report on KQED. He also helped oversee the launch of Marketplace Weekend from American Public Media. As a CNN correspondent, he covered environmental contamination, the Obama White House, and the rise of nationalism in Europe. He has won dozens of awards and served as Vice President of Oregon’s Society for Professional Journalists. John has two children and spends his free time pursuing a degree in psychology and surfing.