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  • QUICK BITES: “Charismatic" species like the island fox can be a big help to the conservation moment. But let’s not forget the other, less “camera-ready” animals that need protecting on the Channel Islands.

  • QUICK BITES: You've heard of seahorses? Their cousins, called seadragons, grow these really cool skin flaps that give them that "dragon" look.

  • QUICK BITES: Tiny critters like crabs and sea anemones flourish in tide pools. But did you know tide pools serve as little nurseries for a host of other species that can grow really big?

  • QUICK BITES: I say “pollinator,” you say “butterfly.” But what about bison? These big, furry seed spreaders are the pollinators of the Great Plains.

  • QUICK BITES: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Was it so bad you severed your arm and jetted away? Learn how the Giant Pacific Octopus deals with bad dates in this episode.

  • QUICK BITES: Did you know one of the best ways to protect the earth against mass extinction may be as simple as going on a hike? Find out more about our looming conservation crisis.