Latest Episodes

  • QUICK BITES: Even big cats need baby steps to take their medicine. Globe-trotting animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich uses food to make routine health care a comfortable experience. 

  • QUICK BITES: It's a dinosaur with a "killing claw." This muscular, red-eyed bird is as tall as you are and you'd better not threaten its family. 

  • QUICK BITES: Do you enjoy fishing? How about eating insect larvae? Crows in New Caledonia like to do both, and they make their own fishing rods.

  • QUICK BITES: Riley the yellow Labrador retriever is ready for his search and rescue certification test, but handler Eric Gray might need to "bone up" on his studies.

  • QUICK BITES: She may have a sweet disposition, but would you give “mouth-to-snout” CPR to a spiky mammal the size of a cocker spaniel?

  • QUICK BITES: Former law enforcement officer Petronel Nieuwoudt traded her badge for a poop-smeared uniform and founded the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world.