• LIVE SHOW!  Tasted by an octopus...on the first date? Award-winning science writer Sy Montgomery talks about a creature that’s impossible not to love: the shy, brilliant, clever, social, elusive, and curious giant Pacific octopus.

  • Who you callin' puny? These little harvester ants sting with venom that is big-time toxic: 30 times more toxic than a rattlesnake's, in fact. Guest: Justin Schmidt. Art by Simon Hayes.

  • LIVE SHOW! A lonely, meat-eating bachelor living in the heart of Los Angeles faces the challenges of cougar attraction…literally. Guest: Beth Pratt-Bergstrom.

  • Do sea otters really eat the equivalent of 160 hamburgers per day?  How is a furry little sea otter pup built like a beach ball?  And, can great white sharks really get hairballs from eating sea otters?

  • LIVE SHOW! Ana Garcia bravely travels to Africa to battle a horrendous parasite. The IMPROVology team sends girl detective, Nancy Drew, along with her to help.

  • Dr. Megan Owen loves the Arctic, but being stalked by a polar bear...not so much. Find out what makes polar bear moms mysterious and why scent is such an important research tool.