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  • QUICK BITES: When a mama cheetah needs to feed her hungry cubs, her to-do list is very specific: climb a tree to spot prey, dash off at speeds up to 70 mph, take ‘em down with a knife-like claw. Dinner is served.

  • QUICK BITES: They want your attention 100% of the time, smash things, and yell at their siblings. Meet 9-month-old grizzly cub orphans Hawthorne and Huckleberry. 

  • QUICK BITES: Elderly lizards get arthritis, too. When a Komodo dragon really needs to relax and loosen those joints, a massage therapist kneads out the kinks.

  • QUICK BITES: Mary Wykstra, founder of Action for Cheetahs, describes the excitement of a cheetah hunt. Vervet monkeys may disagree.

  • QUICK BITES: "The world can't be whole without predators," says Sy Montgomery. She tells more tales from the magical mangrove forests of the Sundarbans, where tigers can fly and become invisible.

  • QUICK BITES: Most tigers want to be left alone, and don’t like the taste of humans. But hundreds of people disappear each year from the protected forests of India and Bangladesh—from tigers said to have "supernatural" behaviors.