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  • QUICK BITES: Round-the-clock nursing may be the norm when raising humans, but a human feeding jellybean-sized baby hummingbirds three times an hour takes real dedication. 

  • QUICK BITES: Dr. Julie Barnes bravely takes on the task of avoiding the six-inch, razor-sharp claws of a mama anteater at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Milking a cow is pretty tame compared to this.

  • QUICK BITES: A black Labrador retriever that can't play fetch is not exactly the ideal candidate for a rescue dog. Lucky for Keela, canine recruiter Kirsten Fulk saw her potential and got her a job with Department of Homeland Security.

  • QUICK BITES: When a silverback Grauer’s gorilla suddenly dies, can a plucky young female take over as leader of the troop?

  • QUICK BITES: So, you’re going ‘all in’ to win some females for your family group? Dr. Tara Stoinski imparts some do’s and don’ts for young male gorillas who take on alpha male silverbacks.

  • QUICK BITES/LIVE SHOW! Dr. Eddy Kambale races against time to save a wild baby mountain gorilla from a deadly snare. But, will her angry 400-pound father let him get close enough to save her? Maybe our most incredible story, yet!