Latest Episodes

  • Dr. Terry Maple, Director of Wildlife Wellness at the Jacksonville Zoo, recounts the tale of Chantek the mischievous, self-aware orangutan who wasn't above visiting McDonald's from time to time.

  • Most people try to stay as far away from great white sharks as possible, but a group of researchers is desperately trying to find these apex predators in the open water.

  • Professor Anna Nekaris, director of the Little Fireface Project, chats about these adorable monkeys and their super-cool snake-like qualities. 

  • Can dogs and cats really live together? Some cheetahs in Africa wouldn't survive without their canine companions.

  • People are changing the world every day; it's time for us to decide if the change will ultimately be positive or negative. Rich Block, Santa Barbara Zoo's CEO, talks about the impending "sixth extinction."

  • Do we REALLY need to give up single-use plastics? Greg Gorga, CEO of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, says "Yes."