Latest Episodes

  • QUICK BITES: Forget you know what really scares elephants? Find out what hard-working insect researchers are using to save Asian and African elephants.

  • QUICK BITES: Can the critically endangered kaki, or black stilt, win New Zealand’s Bird of the Year contest? If a Tinder profile can’t help set the votes on fire, we’re not sure what will.

  • QUICK BITES: Tiger cubs on their first hunting expedition took down 20 cows in one go. The villagers called for help and Wildlife Trust of India answered, which led to a mama tiger vs. elephant showdown.

  • QUICK BITES: Dr. Julie Barnes bravely takes on the task of avoiding the six-inch, razor-sharp claws of a mama anteater at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Milking a cow is pretty tame compared to this.

  • QUICK BITES/LIVE SHOW! Is there really a man who can speak the language of gorillas?  Ranger Andre Bauma knows.

  • QUICK BITES: Carrie Goertz, Director of Animal Health at Alaska SeaLife Center, describes the rescue and care of a male baby beluga whale. He’s not a fan of helicopter rides OR late feedings...what a baby!