• Do sea otters really eat the equivalent of 160 hamburgers per day?  How is a furry little sea otter pup built like a beach ball?  And, can great white sharks really get hairballs from eating sea otters?

  • LIVE SHOW! Ana Garcia bravely travels to Africa to battle a horrendous parasite. The IMPROVology team sends girl detective, Nancy Drew, along with her to help.

  • Dr. Megan Owen loves the Arctic, but being stalked by a polar bear...not so much. Find out what makes polar bear moms mysterious and why scent is such an important research tool.

  • What if you’re the only person who knows the location of the last surviving California condor in the wild? What do you do? The amazing Jan Hamber looks back on 87 years of life and birds.

  • LIVE SHOW! Two parasite tribes battle to the death to win the coveted reward: a snail’s private parts. May the gonads be ever in your favor. (Parental Advisory)

  • When it comes to the most powerful mammal on land, veterinarian Dr. Mark Stetter has a very steady hand…and a very innovative approach to wild African elephant conservation. (Parental Advisory)