Latest Episodes

  • QUICK BITES: Laurie Marker explains how re-wilding orphaned cheetahs means taking a “pissy, spitty” animal from “I hate you” to “goodbye.”

  • QUICK BITES: When a mama cheetah needs to feed her hungry cubs, her to-do list is very specific: climb a tree to spot prey, dash off at speeds up to 70 mph, take ‘em down with a knife-like claw. Dinner is served.

  • QUICK BITES: They want your attention 100% of the time, smash things, and yell at their siblings. Meet 9-month-old grizzly cub orphans Hawthorne and Huckleberry. 

  • QUICK BITES: Elderly lizards get arthritis, too. When a Komodo dragon really needs to relax and loosen those joints, a massage therapist kneads out the kinks.

  • QUICK BITES: Mary Wykstra, founder of Action for Cheetahs, describes the excitement of a cheetah hunt. Vervet monkeys may disagree.

  • QUICK BITES: "The world can't be whole without predators," says Sy Montgomery. She tells more tales from the magical mangrove forests of the Sundarbans, where tigers can fly and become invisible.